We have been processing metal and flexible pipes since 1949,


Facchini has always been involved in the automotive market for which mass-production has been started, Facchini manufactures tailor-made solutions for any type of customer thanks to the specialized production of small batches taking care of the details with tailoring accuracy.

Most Facchini products are mounted on industrial, agricultural, naval and military vehicles. The type of piping that is manufactured includes fluid conducting ones (hydraulic pipes, air-conducting pipes, air conducting pipes, oil suction pipes, oil dipstick tune), and those for exhaust systems, furthermore comprising those for air conditioning or structural elements and carpentry (rafters, steps, handrails).

From cutting to bending, from shaping to tapering of pipes, including welding: these are the main working phases that Facchini performs for the realization of the details requested by customers.

Some production processes need external processing, such as protective treatments namely galvanizing and painting, for which the company avails itself of competent, reliable, and competitive suppliers.

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Facchini runs its business within the FCA group (former-FIAT) supplying factories around the world.

Flexibility and just-in-time are its strengths, along with the efficiency of production processes and the quality of standards.

Facchini has turned the care for the customer in a real mantra, translated into concrete results.

Each order is followed at every stage, from the design of the product to its final application, passing through tests and modifications that are indispensable to customize the details required by the Customer.

The central role attributed to Customer Service over time has structured Facchini’s work into an authentic process organization, able to follow at best those, who choose to take advantage of our boasted services.

In order to realize this revolution, the company has always focused on the continuous training of the workforce.

Facchini is not merely a production site, but a reality that believes in the social role represented within the community where it operates.

Safety, quality and respect for the environment. These are the values on which our business has always been designed.